All the important things come from the heart. We put our hearts and minds into all our projects and
connect fully with the people we work with.

Skill is the capacity to turn the hearts desire and inner fire into action. Our main skills are to face our clients, recognize the essential and shape it into a desired audiovisual product.

Guts is the lack of fear, courage to seek the imaginable with determination to reach the goal. True heart combined with the action of the skill and fearless guts there is no limits for what we can achieve together.

Only individual
approach to each customer!

For us there is no small customers or not interesting projects. We follow everyone as the most important person in our career.
We aren’t looking for numbers, putting quality in first place.

Video, TV and
film production

The skill of video storytelling is an intuitive blend of artistry and technical know-how. As a full service video production company, we offer an extensive range of video production services from script to screen. Our clients appreciate both our expertise and our passion for bringing stories of people, businesses, organizations, associations and products to life.

Animations, Intros
and special effects

Nothing is more convincing than solid and impressive content like a designed intro, animations, 360 interactive film, drone film and even virtual reality.

We believe limitations are bad for creativity.
We offer many solutions giving space to imagination.

Web video,
online video spots

Professional web videos are compelling, relevant, and effective at building trust with your visitors. At Black Mill, we know how impactful a single well-shot video can be on your bottom line. Pricing for our custom web video production services starts at €270 (2000dkr) and it is 100% transparent - you always know exactly where your money goes.


Editing is the making.
You can plan everything right, shoot everything you need, but the edit is where the magic really happens. It requires so many disciplines, understanding the content, a sense of timing, storytelling, constructing a narrative. Use of effects, music and color to make something beautiful that takes the viewer on a journey. We will either be editing the content we shoot together or we can take assets you already have and construct narratives from it.

print and digital

We offer advertising on almost all platforms, print or digital. Ads in print can be nessecary to reach certain target branches and customers, but today digital advertising is the rapidly growing and more effective choice. No matter your target group - we will make sure you get seen with our cutting edge skill, technology and our network of professional multimedia designers, technical designers and animators and many more.

Logos and graphic
for print and web

Our Business is Making Your Business Look Good. To help it prosper and reach your goals.
Black Mill takes the essence of your business and delivers it to a whole new level of importance unrestrained by convention. We apply our visual knowledge into visual solutions. Logo design, marketing collateral, multimedia presentations, product packaging, indoor and outdoor signage, paper print and web content, merchandise, and much more.

Our imagination
on serve of your needs

We go to any length to serve you or your company in the best possible way - We won't let limitations get in the way of our imagination. The only way to fully meet the potential of any kind of promotion is to dream and feel without limits. We believe a well build story and idea is the way to a potential customers heart and mind. If we need to climb a mountain to exhibit your company or product the best way - we will do just that! We have great experience in travelling all over the world to obtain that perfect footage required.

“If a young man tells his date how handsome, smart and successful he is – that’s advertising. If the young man tells his date she’s intelligent, looks lovely, and is a great conversationalist, he’s saying the right things to the right person and that’s marketing. If someone else tells the young woman how handsome, smart and successful her date is – that’s PR.”. - S. H. Simmons

Latest news

Already in 2015 and 2017 we advanced to 4K, both aerial and ground technology, along with many new features in high-end equipment - But time and technology never stands still, especially not in our profession. So again in 2018 we have advanced to go beyond 4K with both another new and more advanced drone and new cameras.
Also, by mid 2018 Black Mill Media Production will be able to offer our customers fully tailored radio commercials, sound recordings, professionally designed music for each individual production, recorded and edited in our own facilities - A fully equipped high-end sound studio.

We also plan to advance our graphic team with the latest technology within offset printing sometime during 2019.

We want to be able to offer our customers the full professional and cohesive promotional package at the very lowest cost for our customers.

Inspirational and creative facilities for studio and narrative recordings, photography and creative workshop

Located in the middle of Europe, in the heart of Denmark and in the center of Fredericia City, we can reach out to anyone within a matter of hours. We currently work on projects all over Europe - Leading or assisting.

We offer a wide range of cooperations with our many and very different kinds of customers. We assist in planning and counselling on promotional campaigns, events, festivals, studio recordings, theater presentations and much more. We often invite a customer to come work side by side in our creative surroundings to achieve the best intuitive and responsive material.

Additional services

  • PA rental service (speakers + mixer + microphone w. stand)
  • Wedding, bachelor party (polterabend), babtism ie. filming
  • Live Screening, speech and event coverage
  • Translations in Finnish, English and Danish, subtitling



Terhi-Anneli has a background as an educated cinematographer at the finnish broadcasting company and public service channel YLE. She has also filmed, written and produced many TV programs, documentaries, commercial films and much more for a wide variety of production houses, municipalities, cooperations and associations of all sizes. Being also very strong in photography and editing, she is our strongest and most versatile employee to ensure your profile stands out wholesome and solid.


Peter has a background as an educated graphic and technical designer from a varied companies, cooperations, associations, political parties, retail and humanitary organisations. Self-employed and as a freelancer he has close to 20 years of experience with graphics. If you need someone who knows how to tailor a handcrafted and designed campaign for your company, event or cause then look no further - He's your guy.


Black Mill Media Production works with a wide variety of freelancers. We only choose to cooperate with the very best and cutting edge people from all over the world. We provide services of all sorts to make sure your campaign is tightly knit and fail proof. Our network consists of color correctors, studio producers, music mastering, musicians, narrators, actors, event management, film makers, news papers, print houses, mobile disco, booking agencies, concert scenes,

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