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We shoot and edit
with a large variety of equipment and formats

Our video production services

We create cinematic films to suit your every requirement.
If you require any kind of film, documentary, live event coverage, video journalism or short effective video to promote your business to customers, created with professionalism and flexibility using the latest technique and broadcast equipment. All operated by skillful people with many years of experience from both national and international TV, media houses, PR agencies and cooperations of all sizes. The Black Mill team and our network of advanced freelancers, in nearly all fields related, will secure the best result to suit both your company profile and your budget.
We deliver engaging online/TV/cinema and social media video content which communicates, influences and inspires.

We aim to spot the exact and best form of expression and values to suit your company, it's profile and the people connected. To us this is one of the most important parts of the proces of writing and designing your company's choice of campaign product. Noone should doubt you and noone should doubt your capabilites or quality in your field
- That's what Black Mill Media Production and our experienced network are put in the world to secure - With cohesive heart, skill and guts.


Graphic Design
Web, print and video graphics

Our graphic design services

Our graphic design team provide you with solid and high end graphics of any kind and to any kind of media. We do animated logos, magazines, cover art, posters, TV commercial layouts, video intros, customized and instructional graphics for business presentations, technical design for entrepreneurs, video guides and much more - You name it, we get it done! Black Mill Media Production specializes in it all using industry standard programs. We can handle both small and large scale projects, with an attentive mind on illustrative detail and constructive design. In each and every project, our graphic design team creates a cohesive look across each element to match your brand.

Heart - Skill - Guts

When you have chosen our services we feel sure that we as a team can accomplish exactly what we set sails for; Promoting your cause, whatever it may be. We aim to make your experience one of a kind in terms of promotion - To us the most important people is our customers - We center the attention on getting your message out there and we push your interests from just existing to actually being present - That difference is everything!

You only get there with experience - So when choosing promotional material of any kind, be sure not to settle for anything less than an experienced team of designers and producers. That's us! -We do this with our...

...Hearts, skills and guts...

We are a full service video production company

staffed by experienced personnel with backgrounds in public service television and production houses of all sizes. We provide all the elements you'll require
for your production; creative brief, scripts, actors, voice overs,
music and animated graphics.