Our Video Gallery

We offer a full service video & photography production, providing a range of services for the business, industrial and commercial sectors. These include corporate promotional videos, training programs, marketing videos, videos specially designed for exhibitions, trade shows, prestige events, videos optimized for web marketing, branding and much more. We call that our commercial range.

We also provide full coverage on video & photography in the range of services for private people, associations, municipalities, bands, theaters, documentaries, lectures and movies of nearly all sorts. We call that our cinematic range.

Below, a small selection of some of the varied jobs we've performed.

Black Mill Media Production Showreel

This will be updated in December 2018

Fredericia Blues Festival

“Fredericia Blues Festival 2018 at Tøjhuset was the first blues festival for the Danish blues club "Double Trouble". It was a huge success and the festival has come to stay.”
Organizer: Double Trouble - (doubletrouble.dk)
Venue: Tøjhuset (Tojhuset.dk)
PR and film: Black Mill Media Production (blackmill.dk)

Cozy - Cafe & Restaurant

Dino´s Legeland 2018

Dinos Legeland is a exciting indoors playground for children. BMMP wanted to make a commercial film with cinematic twist to introduce this land of the Dinosaurs. PMMP also produced the theme song for the video.

Support our Scene festival 2018

Hard core music festival in Denmark 2018

Hejse Kro - Denmarks Mødested

Earn Your Scars - Addict

Koko Liminka tanssii

Liminka is a small town located in the Northern Finland. The client wished to produce an energetic, warmhearted and joyful municipality video, that would represent the wide range of the services, nature areas and the entrepeneurs located in town.

Are there fishermen? Documentary teaser

BMMP is producing in co-operation with Stormfilm Oy a documentary film about a group of finnish men, who escape into the wild to find the true connection with nature, each other and themselves

Hospital music - the therapeutic effects of music

BMMP produced a documentary film that follows three finnish hospital musicians as they work in different hospital environments. Along with leading scientists and professionals in the industry, the film introduces the groundbreaking, therapeutic effects of music.


Eventyrhuset is a private daycare center in the South Denmark. With a fantastic co-operation of our client we were able to make a beautiful marketing video, which presents the values and activities of the day-care center with the child's eyes.

Me, my son and Asperger

Short documentary series about motherhood. In this episode we meet young mother with Asperger Syndrome.